George W, Bush was known for his total ignorance of geography. “Dubya the Geographer: Someone Buy This Man an Atlasâ” appears in, Dubya Speaks, We Record the Damage.

Fast forward to 2017: What about Donald Trump who has his thumb on the nuclear button. What is his knowledge of geography.

“If youre sweating the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, take this to heart  at least heâ not running to be anyoneâ eighth grade geography teacher. Jeva Lange quoted in This Week, June 15, 2016)

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. Martin Luther King Jr.

While Americans are ignorant regarding the Worldâ geography, they nonetheless expect that their elected president as well as his foreign policy advisers know where the countries areâ, particularly those countries which are on the Pentagonâ hit list.