“Thousands of protesters in Istanbul burned US and Israeli flags to protest [the Zionist Puppet’s] Wednesday declaration on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. This declaration, which saw major protests breaking out on Friday, has expanded to yet more countries over the weekend…”

“Now, protests are being seen from Morocco, in the Atlantic coast of Africa, to Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean, and virtually all sites in between. Even many cities i Europe saw protests outside of US embassies and consulates related to the decision.

In many of the countries, the protests seemed to grow throughout the weekend, so while Indonesia was reported as seeing just a few hundred in any given place, some 10,000 were in Jakarta at the US Embassy by late Sunday.

And while European nations weren’t entirely comfortable with such protests, German officials in particular condemning the protests as “anti-Semitic,” in the Muslim world the governments are a lot more publicly aligned with the protesters, and in many cases, government officials were participating in protests and addressing the crowds.

Given the near unanimity in most of these states against [the Zionist Puppet’s] move, this is a particularly viable thing for politicians in democratic states to do, as positioning themselves as anti-Trump and pro-Palestine is definitely a winning issue.”


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by Ran HaCohen


11 DECEMBER, 2017.  In 1980 Israel legally – or, as the entire international community finds, illegally – declared the entire united Jerusalem to be its capital. Consequently, about a dozen foreign embassies left Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv. Yes, Mr. Trump: your future embassy will not be the first one! You’re a loser on that. Many embassies preceded you, but they all left as soon as the Apartheid in the city was turned into a law.

One might think that Israel would then turn its “eternal capital” into a symbol of welfare and prosperity, a model of nondiscriminatory coexistence. The very opposite is true.

In East Jerusalem, two-thirds of the population live under the poverty level. This poverty is intended. To push Palestinians out.

Israel grants them no construction permits. It has cut East Jerusalem from its West Bank hinterland and has turned East Jerusalem into a South African township.

Impoverished, strangulated, polluted and overpopulated.

The infrastructures – electricity, water, sewage, education, health, roads, pavements, you name it – are either nonexistent, or intentionally lagging ages behind those in the Jewish neighborhood, both those in West Jerusalem and the Jewish settlements within East Jerusalem itself, continuously placed there in order to break the Palestinian community altogether and push their original inhabitants out of the city.

Since the previous decade, the Apartheid Wall (newspeak’s “separation fence”) runs through East Jerusalem, annexing the better parts of it while practically leaving other parts outside the city.

The Palestinian National Authority is not allowed to operate in these neighborhoods, because “Jerusalem is all ours”; the Jerusalem municipality is not willing to give them any services either. These surrounded ghettos, home to tens of thousands, have become a safe haven for criminal gangs, where even the garbage has to be burned on the street since no authority bothers to collect it.

Entering Jerusalem proper for whatever reason – work, visit, hospital – is performed through heavily armed checkpoints, and depends on the good will of the Israelis, or rather the lack of it.

Private property, this holy capitalistic right, is a privilege reserved exclusively to the Jews, as Jerusalem demonstrates in a rotten nutshell.

Aided by law and police, Israeli settlers regularly throw Palestinians in East Jerusalem out of their homes and take them, claiming the properties belonged to Jews in the distant past.

Jewish property is eternal, no matter how many hands and sovereignties it changed.

Obviously, there are also numerous properties that belonged to Palestinians in that very same distant past; however, under Israeli law these properties cannot be claimed by their original owners, who allegedly “abandoned” them when fleeing from them in the 1948 war.

Jewish property left on the Palestinian side is never considered “abandoned”, and its previous owners, or their heirs, or some settlers’ gang, can successfully claim them and throw out their Palestinian residents.

Today’s Jerusalem is the most blatant incarnation of the Israeli Apartheid. 40 percent  of its residents are held as non-citizens in their own city.  They are discriminated against by the law, pushed into poverty, harassed and terrorized by the Israeli police and settlers.

It’s like a huge South African township, marked for eviction and takeover by Israeli Jews.

Realities in the West Bank are basically much the same, but Jerusalem is the quintessence of this injustice.

President Trump will go into history as the leader who gave his blessing to this moral crime, earning himself a distinguished place in the hall of shame.