Sourced from the David Irving site

“THE U.S. STRIKE against Syria, executed without United Nations security council approval, was a war crime, and as such invites retribution.  The Swamp is beginning to swallow President Trump, who is too Parsifal-like to see it. The others? Frau Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are just hired claqueurs, Theresa May beneath contempt.”


“British planes join in their familiar role, the night-time killing of civilians, and the media dutifully call Assad’s (lawful) government of a sovereign state a “regime”; but the BBC still hedges and now refers to Syria’s “alleged” chemical weapons attack. Hands up, those of our readers who can already guess who is really guilty, and which Middle East country, seldom mentioned by the frightened media, hoisted the false flags — probably in both Damascus and Salisbury.”

The following links from the Irving site will prove useful to our readers:

—  Bravo, Daily Mail, London: Peter Oborne: Calling for war again, the Neo-cons who drowned the Middle East in blood

—  Reuters: Netanyahu uses “Holocaust” event to urge action against Syria, Iran

—  RT (Russian Government source): Western leaders who attacked Syria are “criminals” – says Iran’s Supreme Leader

—  Ha’aretz: “White Supremacists” defend Assad, warn [President] Trump: Don’t let Israel force you into war with Syria

—  US-led strikes in Syria without UN Security Council mandate are a violation of international law, says [President] Putin

ግድነት ክስማዕ ዘለዎ ቭድዮ.

ነዛ ንነብረላ ዘሎና ዓለም ዝገዝኡዋ ዘለው፣ ዕቡዳት ስነኣእምራዊ ሕማም ዘለዎም እዮም። ብዳቪድ ኣይክ ዝተዳለወት ግንከኣ ግድነት ክትከታተሉዋ ዘለኩም ቪድዮ

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