The President of the State of Eritrea  is nothing but the punk two-bit vassal of Zionism.

He is hired by the Western World and he runs EPLF for 30 Years and now he is running PFDJ since 1991 with the help of Western Agents.

Iseias Lied! He cheated! He steal! and he Stole! the Vission of Eritrean People.

What the Eritrean People cannot accept is the pressure to use Eritrean People diplomatic, media and military power on behalf of Emperialism and Zionism. By doing so the Iseias Afewerki with his small Dogs is bringing the State of Eritrea into disrepute, even hatred, of the rest of the world. That is apart from the lives and Billions of Goldmine dollars wasted. Eritrea is the Asset of Western world. Iseias is gaurding the Mines and the foreign countries are stealing the Resource. No body can kill Iseias becaus his Body Guards are CIA MI6 and Mossaf agents.

Iseias, in Eritrean opinion, was pre-selected as the perfect instrument to bring about Eritrea’s destruction.Eritrea is already in the trash bin, it is totally cucked to Emperialism and New World Order as well and unable to do anything about it.

As far as who is actually in control of Eritrea it is Israeli (Mossa), CIA and MI6 intelligence. High tech companies are supporting Iseias. Eritrea is run by the 3 Agents and all data goes to Israel first for processing. Clearly Eritrea is an Israeli colony. All securit of Iseias and the so called National securiti Soljers are trained by Mossad. Unfortunatey after long 30 Years War Eritrea is ruled by rats and evil Parasites.

The only way to save the smal african Nation Eritrea is to destroy the Pfdj and Iseias and remove all foreign Agents  from inside the Nation and the government. Iseias and Eritrean People can not exist with each other. All these Evangelicals that love Iseias are treasonous since 1970. There is such a huge support base for PFDJ and Weyane inside the nation of the State of Eritrea things can only get worse. If you believe otherwise you are uninformed, delusional, and wrong about reality.


Long Live Eritrea and God bless its People.