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in response to anti-Trump comments on the Darkmoon site

Trump isn’t Superman. He’s a man of destiny tasked with cleaning up America and making the world a safer place. Cut him some slack and give him a chance to prove himself.

Harold: We agree on the main structural issues. This is what you said in one of your comments: “I believe that the Jewish agenda for world domination and control is non-negotiable, and that it is completely incompatible with a powerful, independent, Christian Russia. Jews hate Russia and want to destroy it, apparently for the same reason that Cain hated and ultimately murdered Abel: i.e. evil cannot stand an example of ‘good’, because ‘good’ is what makes evil look ‘bad’.

Therefore, our Satanic Jewish collective MUST confront Russia. And Russia must either back down and accept Jewish rule, or Russia must fight to defend itself.
Not a word out of place, Harold. I could have said exactly the same thing. Where we differ is on Trump.

Who is Trump really?

You and a number of others seem to lean in favor of the idea that Trump is a faithful foot soldier of the demonic hydra-headed Jews. I beg to differ. I could be wrong, and you could be right. Some think even god is not omniscient. I certainly am not. I do lay claim to some skill at political analysis, however, based on many years experience in the trenches. I know how decisions get made. I am aware of realpolitik: its pragmatism, its compromises and concessions.

We need to take a long, hard look at this situation.

Okay, so here is Trump: he is giving mixed signals. Some good, some not so good. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

THE CONS: He is surrounded by Jews all his life, his children are mostly enamoured of jews, he claims eternal love and loyalty to Jews.

THE PROS: He KNOWS Jews inside out, being an unusually sharp and perceptive dude. He understands their game and thus they can’t blindside him so easily. He knows how to play deceit moves, head fakes, the works.

He understands the extent of Jewish power, which is enormous and spans the entire world, a power deeply rooted in blackmail.

He knows that no career politician of any note in the West can escape their scrutiny.

Every high ranking diplomat, military official, judge, association president, media owner, editor and senior writer is under their close surveillance. No movie director, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, can slip past their ever watchful network. Most of these public figures appear to have lots of skeletons in the cupboard: nefarious secrets they would like to keep hidden, including unspeakable acts of sexual perversion involving children.

How easy it is to blackmail such people.

Mossad has the goods on them all. Soros, who has equal access to such sensitive information, knows how to turn the screw. This is how the Jews manage to control the world: by intimidation and blackmail. They make use of the carrot, too, of course, but they prefer to make use of the stick. The Big Stick. Like in the Soviet Union under the Bolsheviks (1917-1953).

And yet, one thing can be said about Trump: he is not a politician and his record is unusually clean for someone in his prominent position. If the Jews know something about him he would rather they didn’t know, it can’t be all that serious. Because if it was, they would have brought him down by now. So what do they have on Trump? Some sexist stuff, some embarrassing locker room talk. Not enough to bring a president down, given the far more serious stuff Kennedy and Clinton got up to in the hanky-panky department. Trump is certainly no sexual pervert. No evidence for that. None at all.

Yes, he’s got a string of financial swindles and scams behind him that are de rigueur in today’s vibrantly capitalistic America, with its emphasis on success at all costs. That doesn’t bother me one little bit. Or most other people for that matter. You don’t become a billionaire nowadays by hard work: by rolling up your sleeves and spitting on your hands like Henry Ford did. Those days are gone. To get ahead nowadays, you need to cheat a little. Not much, just a teeny little bit. To oil the springs, so to speak, and cut corners and get the job done in the interests of efficiency. That’s par for the course.

Trump remains a Christian — his values are Christian, conservative and traditional — and he knows how to connect with the white working class. He certainly doesn’t need this incredible stress and danger in his old age when he could just as well be riding his golf cart loaded with naked bunga-bunga starlets into the golden sunset.

I would probably do just the same in his place, and be just like him, warts and all.

So, something motivates him. What could it be? You say: his bizarre love and devotion to Talmud and the Rothschild matrix. Really? Even though he doesn’t need money, he just really loves and needs money-making Jews? He’s all for judaica and devil, is he? No need for signing contracts like everyone else does? No money, no funny? I say all that doesn’t just make any sense. People sell their immortal souls, sure, but they don’t give their souls away for nothing!

But OK, let’s entertain that possibility.

Let’s look at Trump’s whipmasters. What is their motivation here? We all agree they want to extinguish the last spark of humanity from the world. To dehumanize the human race and even depopuate it drastically. To score the top score in the Great Game of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Satan wins, God loses. Jew smirks with triumph, goy groans in defeat.

Sad situation.
Who’s winning?

So, the omnipotent, omniscient ones with the funny noses look at their cards and say:“We need an apocalyptic war in order to get rid of Russia! The Russians stand in our way, in accordance with Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecy! But hey, Russia is getting stronger by the day! And so is China and Iran!

Our slaves are faltering. We were so successful in degenerating them into subhuman machines that they now obey our every whim and pleasure. Without even realizing it, the punks have become our slaves. They no longer have what it takes to win the Game of Life.

However — and this is really important! ‒ WE MUST HURRY! The technological advantages at our disposal right now need to be converted into victory real fast! Before those advantages evaporate!


Obama was a partial failure. We need someone more responsive, more ready to press whichever red buttons we direct him (or her) to press. Okay, we made sure Hillary won over our own boy, Rabbi Sanders, because she managed to prove her supremacy in psychopathy several times over … she will order a full front war on Russia, China and Iran on Jan 22, 2017, exactly like we tell her to do. Soros used to send daily instructions by email to Hillary when she was Secretary of State — and she obeyed instantly!

But … we really want Trump, who will take his time, who promises one thing but will do another, who will dither and snarl up Congress, and who will tweet hostile messages to the American people and embarrass the hell out of us! That’s what we want, right? We are almost in April, and so far there’s been no major bloodshed! Heck, what’s going wrong? Even though the US army is run by our handpicked traitors, our bought-up media, and with EU screaming for the Big One, the world is still relatively at peace. Not nice! World War Three taking too long to arrive! … What the hell’s going on?

Yeah, sure! It really serves our purpose wonderfully to have Trump instead of Hillary, doesn’t t? Who are you kidding, friend?
I can’t for the life of me get around that strange and twisted logic, can you? The anti-Trump line gets progressively more bizarre and paradoxical.

Which is why I say:

Trump is not on their team. He’s not batting for the Jews. Since they are clearly against him, plotting and screaming at him in the Jew media day after day after day, virulently against him tooth and nail, how the hell can he be FOR them? Can you answer that?
What you need to understand is that Jews throughout the world, en masse, genuinely believe that Trump’s America is bad, very bad for the Jews!

So the hostility between Trump and the Jews is a real hostility, and there is NO WAY that Trump and the Jews are in cahoots. Anyone who seriously believes that Trump is secretly working for the Jews is therefore dead wrong, hopelessly misinformed, and up the creek without a paddle — GIVEN THAT JEWS ALMOST UNIVERSALLY BELIEVE THAT TRUMP IS BAD FOR THEM. I think the Jews miscalculated quite badly. They’re not as sharp as they used to be. Or as we thought they were. They could even be losing it big time. Sclerotic old men making analytical errors: Rothschild, Soros, Kissinger too (though arguably the sharpest of the bunch), the rest of the sanhedrin cabal too, Perez, Rockefeller now dead, the rest like Henri-Levy and Netanyahu — pure retards, all of them! Not half as bright as they were cracked up to be.

My bottom line: all this is real. It’s not kabuki, or make believe, or theater. It’s a real struggle.

Trump is hugely hampered and shackled by the very real Jewish power that blocks his every move. Adam Schiff is after all a grandson of all those Schiffs that started the Bolshevik slaughterhouse, the carnage of WW1 and 2, can’t mess with him. Look at that occult stare he goes into when channeling the dreams of Lucifer, the message is loud and clear and HOW he hates Trump, Putin, Khamenei, Nasrallah, Assad, Gowdy, Jesus and us! Trump must pretend that he is carrying out their wishes under duress, but then stall at the last minute, pull some unexpected stunt, he’s been doing that all along.TPP deal was low hanging fruit, so he killed it right away, now the going is much tougher. He would love to get together with Putin, but that would mean an instant military coup at home. They’d arrest him for grand treason. They’d nuremberg him. They’d clap him in irons. They’d put him in a dungeon and torture him to death.

They are capable of anything.

No atrocity is beyond them.

The stakes are high and they mean to win. If they don’t, it’s Israel up in smoke. Six million, twelve million Jews dead worldwide! Oy veh! Why you guys out there are finding it so hard to understand these basic principles is beyond me.

You want the Donald to be instant Cap’n America, Kent Clark and Spiderman rolled into one? You want him to arrest all the Jews at once? To kill the Fed tomorrow? To clean up the military racket next week? And then, in short order, you expect Trump the Superman to get hold of Congress by the jugular and execute the 500 traitors? to free the internet? to dissolve Hollywood and the media? to set the world free from the Jew’s iron shackles? to repatriate the stolen gold? to deliver justice for the Twin Towers, USS Liberty, truth about JFK? to wipe out Israel real fast? You want all this served up on a silver platter in five minutes flat?
Gimme a break!

Yeah, sure! That would be real easy, wouldn’t it? Get real, friends! This ain’t a Comic Book Universe. This is the real world in which everything has its time and its place.

You. Just. Have. To. Wait. For. It.

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