by Silvana Heißenberg

Freely translated from the original German by ‘Q’.
A milder version of this article can be read on The Ethnic European

Sincere apologies to our readers
for the incendiary language used in this article.
Do not read if you are easily shocked!


Dear Frau Merkel,

You are utterly despicable!—the most criminal Chancellor the German people have ever had to endure! You have brought the German people nothing but terror and tribulation, war wounds and death! This you have done by deliberately importing into our country illegal immigrants from barbarous lands. Hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, terrorists and other die-hard criminals have invaded our once peaceful Germania.

According to Article 16 of our Constitution, not one of those who arrive in Germany through safe countries has the right of asylum here. That is why all your “guests” are illegal immigrants,  criminals by their very presence in Germany. The Schengen and Dublin agreements were also deliberately illegal. In the vow you took on taking office, you swore among other things not to harm the German people in any way. You broke this vow, because not a day has gone by but you have harmed the German people. You have done the opposite of what you promised and trampled on your sacred vow.

You have no mandate to deal with the needs of all the people in Germany, both legal citizens and illegal invaders. Your mandate is simply to serve the interests of your own people, the native-born Germans who voted for you. This alone was your mandate. You are nothing but an employee of the German people; for power belongs to the people, it does not belong to you. You are here to serve us, not to force your will on us like a ruthless tyrant.

You consciously incited the entire nation against one other. You split society into factions and destroyed entire families. And to cap it all, you insolently parrot the lie that we Germans are now doing better than ever.

You evil b***h, you have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!

Due to your illegal “guests”, all public events must now have massive security. We are surrounded by fences and by guards armed with automatic weapons. There are now protection zones for women who naturally wish to avoid dangerous encounters with the rapists and sex maniacs you have recklessly welcomed into our country as your guests. Every day your guests commit crimes of appalling violence.

Poverty among our older folk and children is now higher than ever. Almost a million Germans live on the streets like homeless bums. Helping to give dignity to such people, that was your mandate—not flooding the whole of Europe with invaders from other cultures and feeding them with billions of euros taken out of our taxes, squandering our hard-earned resources on the riffraff and scum of other nations!  And you have the impudence to demanding our respect!

The criminal hordes you have invited into our country rape us and and kill us native-born Germans  and what do you do about it? Import more killers! You takes these criminal foreigners under your defence. The lying mainstream media and the police then portray these criminals as victims of “right-wingers”. You have managed to turn us, the German people, into the oppressors and you have made our oppressors into the victims of “White supremacism”. You should be ashamed of yourself, you anti-White traitor!

Frau Merkel, listen to me! — If you really wanted our respect, and possessed even a smidgen of conscience, you would answer for your heinous crimes in a court of law!

If you manage to escape justice for a while, it won’t be long before it catches up on you! This is because ultimate power rests with the people. The German people are your employers. We pay your salary. You are a nonentity. A nobody. And yet, Frau Merkel, I can honestly say that no politician in Germany since time immemorial has ever inflicted such appalling wounds on the German people as you have.

In regard to the future, I only ask for one thing: that you and your entire entourage be brought before a court of law to face justice. At the very least, you and your criminal  cohorts need to be clapped  in  irons and caged for life! You have betrayed Germany and spat in the faces of your own people! The paid hacks and fawning hypocrites who sing your praises, unable to think for themselves, are welcome to lick your a**. Count me out.

As a patriotic German, I despise you with every fibre of my body. And I wish to see you get the punishment you deserve.

As you have sown, so may you reap,
you  betrayer of Germany!

Yours, with total contempt

Retired actress, Silvana Heißenberg.