Thursday, July 2, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 – Criminals Back Again To Torture Us All With Their Lies!

 Well… Yesterday was indeed Canada Day up here in the formerly free nation called “Canada”… And as I stated yesterday, this supposedly ‘killer virus” decided to take yesterday off for a holiday….

And the criminals in the Manitoba Government did once again torture the good people of this province with their daily stomach turning “Official Manitoba COVID-19 report”  that once again is filled with lies, falsehoods,and of course very inaccurate and bad “numbers”….

Well, I will once again present those “official numbers” here for Manitoba for everyone to see in alphabetic order, and then proceed as I usually do in ripping them to shreds:

(a) 325 “COVID-19” cases in what is now just over 14 weeks time since this province locked down its citizens with its “state of emergency” in mid-March… NO change in this “325” number since their last report on Tuesday…

(b) STILL NOBODY in any of Manitoba’s hospitals and nobody as well in those hospital’s intensive care facilities “suffering” from this “killer virus” at all… NO change in this status in what is now a full month and a half’s time!

(c) STILL only 7 “deaths by COVID-19” according to the report.. NO change in this status in what is fast approaching a full two month’s time, and ALL seven of those deaths were caused by OTHER health issues.

(d) 302 “cases” have now “recovered”, an increase of 2 from the last report on Tuesday of “300” with many more to come…

(e) Now 16 “active cases” of this supposedly “killer virus” for all of Manitoba.. And ALL “16” are suspect at best meaning that they most definitely do NOT have this virus at all!

Yes, those are the “official” numbers… And again no matter how you “slice it”, there is NO pandemic at all here in Manitoba, period, end of story!

OK, I will do my usual due diligence and once again tear each of these “official numbers” apart right here:

(a) Honestly, how can these fucking liars in the Manitoba government even have the balls or the gall to stand up there and claim that “325” supposed “patients” in what is now over 14 week’s time is a “pandemic”?  How many times must I repeat here that if this actually was a “pandemic” this number alone would be in the TENS OF THOUSANDS…. And we cannot forget now that the ‘tests’ themselves are absolutely invalid meaning that any of their “positive tests” that they are getting are absolutely FALSE….

(b) Yet another sad joke that these fuckers are pulling on the people here in Manitoba… Honestly, must I repeat that if this was a real pandemic, the hospitals would be “overrun” with patients, and yet we see zero, nada, zilch…. And for fuck sake, why are people not challenging the local liars in the Jewish controlled media that continue to run the fraud propaganda that we must “support our hard working health care workers” when they need NO support as they are doing sweet fuck all!

(c) Another sad and yet laughable statistic… No deaths in nearly 2 months?  And only 7 ‘supposed victims’ that are labeled as “death by COVID-19” but actually all died from other health issues?  Come on, everyone, for this figure alone is so bad and shows clearly that there is NO pandemic here at all!  

(d) As I suspected in previous reports here, they could not keep this number down for much longer… And I would not be wrong in suspecting that this number of “recovered” patients is actually much higher.. .But they need this suppressed as long as possible to perpetuate the scam a bit longer…

(e) Just like in (d), they are trying to keep this number still as high as possible and are hoping for MORE FALSE POSITIVES from their bullshit “testing” that still gets a few suckers from time to time…. And I must remind readers that ALL of these “16” are “suspect” at best meaning that every one of these “16” are most probably (definitely if you consider the testing is a fraud!) not suffering from this “killer virus” at all…

Well, there you have it… Another day here in Manitoba as the Pallister regime is still subjecting its citizens to TORTURE with the pandemic scam… I had not thought of this scam as “torture”, but after watching what Amazing Polly put out in my previous article to this one at this blog, it is absolutely tantamount to torture in every sense of the definition of that word!

And obviously, thanks to the constant torture that people are being subjected to still on a daily basis with this bullshit “pandemic”, many have already done themselves in via suicides or are still contemplating that horrendous action… To me, this is the worse aspect of this entire scam and I fully and rightfully blame Premier Brian Pallister for each and every one of these victims and their deaths… It is indeed murder in every sense of that word and he and his criminal henchmen must be brought to justice for those cold blooded murders of so many innocent people… The people of this province may still have mercy on that SOB, BUT I WILL NOT!

I again have a message to Brian Pallister and his cronies… End this TORTURE of the good citizens of this province, and fess up to the truth that it is and always has been a scam… There is still some time to save so many innocent lives out there that are suffering tremendously and the onus is on these criminals to end that suffering and open this province up and end the fraud lockdowns and restrictions NOW!

More to come