Note: This article is written for trained PFDJ-CRIMINALS, PFDJ Governmental Officials, and Senior Law Enforcement who honor their Oaths of Office and want to do their job expected of them by We The People and the Citizens of ERITREA.

This article is a walk down the Dark Side which will expose a certain large, very wealthy and powerful Organized Crime PFDJ that has paid many billions of dollars and gone to Extreme Measures to prevent you from ever learning about this subject or its specific details or how to stop their unimaginably Evil Crimes, many of which are against YOUNG GENERATION who have previously had no help from anyone and NO rescuers.

This article is a walk down the Dark Side which will expose a certain large, very wealthy and powerful Organized Crime PFDJ that has paid many billions of dollars and gone to Extreme Measures to prevent you from ever learning about this subject or its specific details or how to stop their unimaginably Evil Crimes, many of which are against YOUNG GENERATION who have previously had no help from anyone and NO rescuers.

It is realized that much of the general public at large will not be able to handle this information or believe it without someone they respect detailing it in simple terms they can understand and confirming it. Senior Law Eritreans have the skills to research this subject, if they do not already know the basics about its occurrence and sophisticated coverup.

Deqebat-Eritrea will continue to present this type of information which every Eritrean has a right to know and keep you up to speed on developments in what has now become in ERITREA WIDE battle to defeat this Criminal PFDJ Grupe, so stay tuned.

We ERITREANS must all work together and set aside differences between our Awrajas, Reliogn, cultures and pull together to defeat this parasitic monster of Darkness and Evil.

Yes, the Top Evil Policy-makers who run ERITRE do Very, Very Bad Things, incredibly Bad Things to stay in power and protect their massive Organized Crime PFDJ.

These Top Policy-Makers can issue, print or steal all the money they need to bribe, run human compromise ops, as well as blackmail ops, and even pay large amounts of money to have dissidents or politicians murdered who they think have become significant threats to their system or to make an example to scare others who might feel tempted to stray outside their allocated parameters.

In order to advance in the massive Organized Crime PFDJ Gruppe that hijacked Eritrea in 1991, one must be able and willing to become incredibly Two-Faced, that is they must have a friendly outside moral appearance.

But at the same time, they must develop the ability to hide a hideous and incredibly evil nature inside and to be willing to learn to enjoy raping drugged, kidnapped and/or mind-kontrolled children, and participating in some of the most savage and evil murders of young children or old Grandfathers imaginable to become a major Policymaker at the highest levels in the Evil.

These Top Policymakers realize that, if their most evil ritual ceremonies of debauchery were fully exposed to the public masses, they would quickly be attacked from all sides, and their whole evil Campain would be brought down upon their heads. Yes, the PFDJ realize that total exposure of the unfathomable Evil they actually do in their private parties, will result in the complete loss of their Evil Power.

As the whole Word becomes informed of the secret Nexus of Evil that is the deep dark secret control mechanism that keeps them in power, their hold on “PFDJ“ Power“ will quickly erode and they will become targeted individuals, the way they have targeted and abused whistle-blowers (Oposition Organizations) and dissidents for many years.

And with this coming Eritrea wide exposure their much deserved Judgement will also come for these evil acts they commit, which are so evil they are unimaginable to most people unless they see the actual evidence, photos or videos or hear firsthand reports from those that they trust and believe.

No Major Network News in Eritrea would ever dare to try and run this story. Many Alternative Internet Websites  claim to be Truth oriented but are little more than limited hangout (with a bad payload) “stooge operations” and would also avoid this story and its content like the plague. But you can assume that most Websites that would carry this story are on the right track.

Any Editor who allowed this story on the Nightly News and the Journalist/Talking Head who delivered it would both suffer immediate and noticeably severe sanctions. They would be immediately separated from their position and, in some cases, executed by a crack ZERO3, PFDJ-Criminal team within hours or days. This is the way it always has been since the hired Tyranny Iseias Afeworki in Eritrea in 1991 by stealth, deception.

PFD Cowboys are “the Elite of the Elite“ in PFDJ. In past years, they usually work quietly in the background to attain their objectives. Many of these incredibly skilled, astute individuals thought they were serving their nation by supporting what they have now come to understand to be an Organized Crime PFDJ that has hijacked many ERIREANS in general and inparticular DEQI-HAMASIEN and DEQI-AKELEGUZAI.

It is a known fact that the PDF’s main personal action-agents are ZERO 3 working through the International crime Syndicate in partnership with the MOSAD which has hijacked a major part of the Palestinians and other revolutional grupps.

Now for the very Dark Evil information which is very difficult to consider because it cries out for direct immediate corrective action by all honest Law Enforcement and all people everywhere in every nation, especially in the Horn of Africa.

What information comes next will be incredible to most, but it will be presented anyway and its source is top Intel insiders, some newspaper articles and various secret Intel and Law Enforcement Reports leaked by investigators who could not allow such Evil acts to be hidden any longer.

It is hard to understand that the Top Policy-Makers in Eritrea are part of this large Organized Crime Cabal that constructs Terror groups of mercenaries and privateers to start major perpetual wars so they can use various nations armies to fight these staged, pre-engineered “for profit” conflicts. Everybody but the public and the Soldiers who are asset stripped, wounded, killed, mass-murdered, dislocated from their homes in war zones such as BADUME. The PFDJ lend money to both sides, the Multinational Defense Contractors and both get fat with huge profits, many based on huge no-bid contracts with big kickbacks secretly made to Members of PFDJ as “set-aside allocations” .

It is important that the Organized Crime PFDJ owns and Control the Gold mine of Bisha and HAYKOTAS and SEGEN Corporations. Here’s why.

The Top PFDJT Policy-Makers who essentially run the STATE use their Controlled Major Mass Media (DEMTZI-HAFASH AND TV-ERE) which they own and control through Cutouts, to make the Public believe absurd falsities by controlling information flow and making sure is based on false narratives and propaganda.

Once the (DEMTZI-HAFASH AND TV-ERE) has conditioned the Public to believe that the ISEIAS’s New Clothes are fabulous (when ISEIAS is actually Naked), it is then quite easy for the ERITREAN GOVERNMENT to manipulate the public to support horrible atrocities like Torture, the Militarization of the Police and illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared Boarder wars for defense Contractor profits.

The PFDJ has sophisticated mechanisms of information control to scare the public and motivate them to support what are actually horrible atrocities. This is the purpose of all the BOARDER WAR False-Flag attacks the PFDJ (DEMTZI-HAFASH AND TV-ERE) has been deploying to provide a false narrative for their (DEMTZI-HAFASH AND TV-ERE) to scare the ERITREAN people with and to provide a means to manipulate them to do things against their own best interests.

Not only does the PFDJ have a sophisticated mechanism to manipulate the ERITREAN People to go along with PFDJ-GOVERNMENT actions that are against their best interests, but also has a well defined control mechanism to keep its own CRIMINAL members in line.

Remember most PFDJ members are sociopaths to begin with and become criminal sociopaths as they rise to power in the PFDJ. Many become criminally insane as they climb to the higher or highest levels because they accrue so much power there are no checks and balances against them by the public because they have subverted and corrupted Law Enforcement and the Judiciary.

Thus the PFDJ uses a system of secret debauchery and then evil rituals as one climbs up the PFDJ food chain to higher and higher levels. When PFDJ members know they have done very, very bad, seriously criminal things for fun or Satanic/Luciferian worship to attain more power they know that if they go off the reservation or out of their parameters photos and videos of some of their evil deeds can be released through the DEMTZI-HAFAH OR TV-ERE which the PFDJ owns and controls. This is very powerful control mechanism, but is necessary with criminal sociopaths which have also become intoxicated with power and insane too. If they were no controlled they would become an immediate threat to their partners in crime, the other members of the PFDJ.

PFDJ Cowboys become assigned to common tasks assigned by top World SPYS to find solutions to AFRICAN Problems that are now deemed a Direct Threat to all AFRICANS.

The Cowboys of the East Africa the major different nations have always been traditionally compartmentalized based on a very specifically defined “need to know” basis only. The result has been that most PFDJ Cowboys gained more and more information about different Sectors or Compartments as they rose to higher and higher positions of responsibility in their Agencies.

The last twenty Four years many of these PFDJ Agencies even in the Sudan and Somalia nations have shared the use of Black Ops and High Level Specialists especially through various African Union (AUU) functions.

They have done this especially in regard to various East Africa problems that were deemed so serious for the Africans that they were shared with each others “elite“ PFDJ Cowboys but kept in the utmost secrecy from everyone else, including most Governmental, most Eritrean People and all of the Public. But what alas is one example of a very secret issue of utmost sensitivity to the top East Africa’s leaders that was deemed so vital to the East Africa’s survival that arrangements were made to combine efforts by some of the very top PFDJ Cowboys?

The result was that PFDJ Cowboys, the brightest and the best from different major nations of horn of Africa were assigned to international “Working Groups” through the UN and other organizations like that using privatized proprietary cover. Here is what happened as a result and it is very interesting. As the Eritrean Cowboys began working together on what has appeared to be an off-planet threat to Ethiopian Government, they discovered that the right hand really didn’t know what the left hand was doing. Major nations had established secret Unacknowledged Operational Groups with no official records and some of these groups had splintered off into factions, with some factions making direct contact with these entities believed to parasitical threats to every nation of Africa.

It is a fact however that if enough of the public all over the Horn of Africa, especially inside Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as in the Sudan wake up and form a critical mass turning point, PFDJ Officials will probably turn too and follow suit like the  Government Officials did in Iceland. But in order for this to be done the Eritreans i the Diaspora must be exposed via the Worldwide Internet and significantly weakened.

In the process of getting together and sharing ideas and what they individually Eritreans in Diaspora learned, they connected the dots and came to believe that there was a large genuine Eritrean Organisation.

Admin18th of June, 2017