Lasha Darkmoon
March 26, 2017 Other Writers

The Usual Suspects and their neo-Bolshevik lickspittle lackeys in the mainstream media can no longer endure any opinions that fail to coincide with their own narrow curriculum of “acceptable views”. They alone will decide what is acceptable and what is not. Any viewpoint they dislike will henceforth be classified, magisterially, as “hate speech”. As beyond the pale, and hence subject to Stalinesque censorship, fines, and imprisonment.

For example, they regard different viewpoints on the Holocaust, 9/11, and the right of Israel to go on stealing Palestinian land, as unacceptable. They find these views personally “hateful”, even though millions see them as intellectually defensible views well within the bounds of reasonable discourse. So they intend to ban all such dissident viewpoints as dangerous “conspiracy theories”.

They plan to suppress any embarrassing news items that happen to contradict their own propaganda and spin. This they intend to do by branding all such news items as “fake news”. They regard the internet with fear and loathing, they really fear it, because people are abandoning the mainstream media and flocking to the internet for their news and viewpoints. These enemies of the people simply can’t stand the competition. So they want to police the internet, censor free speech, and force you to return to them for your daily shot of indoctrination.

Yes, they are running scared and they are really angry! They want to rob you of your freedom to surf the internet and find your own sources of information on sites such as this which hold them in open contempt. If they have their way, this will shut down this website and pack us all off to some nice little gulag for compulsive psychiatric treatment.

Soon, all too soon, dear friends, unless things improve and steps are taken to curtail the power of these totalitarian thugs masquerading as your rulers, you will be sitting meekly at the feet of Big Brother and his bully boys, receiving all your wisdom from approved government sources.

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