How many of them were psychopaths and war criminals?

Just imagine if we have to deal with presidents for the next 24 years who are of the same caliber as our most recent past three White House residents — Clinton, Bush II and Obama, all of them psychotic poseurs linked to sex deviance.(1) Simply reflect upon the moral and psychological decline that occurred during the quarter century of their administrations, and consider the depth of depravity we will reach if our next three presidents continue to erode society with their own similar versions of immorality.

It’s on everyone’s mind. The shadow of the future. We’re up to our necks in lies and not getting answers from anyone. From every direction, the forecast is dark. It seems that everything we could have believed in has been destroyed, debunked, delegitimized. With nothing to believe in, there is no light. With no light there is no hope. And no answer from the darkness.

The Deep State has always existed. It has always done its work in secret, and has never had any qualms about mass murder. That has always been the cost of doing business, a cost you pay for with your taxes.

Human destiny has always been sabotaged by those who seek and gain power over others. People who acquire power hire other people to keep others from stealing their power. Any pretense of nobility and honor that you could teach your children is out the window playing this game.

If I could give you anything for Christmas it would be the ability to see what has been kept from you.

The entire nature of the mainstream dialogue is fictitious, meant to regale you with titillating tales about non essential items that keep you from focussing on the real agenda, which is about one particular human group intent on swallowing all the other groups.

More than that, the ability to see demands using your head and transcending propaganda meant to enslave you. Any fondness you have for American history will disappear. From the World Wars to the food you eat and the money you spend, the distance between what actually has happened and what they told you has happened is considerable.

Chances are better than average you will lose your life because of a lie that you were told which you believed. Whether it’s from a doctor, a policeman or a deranged demagogue acting insincerely in a contrived controversy, he end result will be the same.