Henry M- Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and Christ’s teachings. Christ taught that God is a Moral Order, a spirit of Perfection, whether absolute Truth, Goodness, Love, Beauty or Justice. God is ultimate Reality. The New World Order is an attempt to erase Christ and His teaching from human consciousness because Cabalists want to supplant God and invert Reality so that evil is good and sick is healthy.  This perverse agenda, reaching fruition today, is behind human history.

The image of Christ on the Cross symbolizes what satanist Jews and Freemasons (Cabalists) are doing: crucifying humanity. Christ’s Gospel affirmed our connection to God and His Design. The Cabalist hatred of Christ is based on a denial on our Divine soul. To the Cabalist, we are cattle and he is God. We are there to serve him and his perverse interests, not God.

Faith in Christ satisfies our spiritual hunger which is just as important as bodily hunger.

The important thing is whether our beliefs have a positive effect on our lives and on society. Cabalists have dismantled Christianity because it has civilized the West. Society is oblivious to this satanic assault because it is already satanically possessed.