By Lasha Darkmoon
April 20, 2020


Can the world be depopulated by deliberate infection with the HIV-virus, giving millions of people AIDS?  If not, can compulsory vaccination wreak equal havoc?


The esteemed French scientist has been denounced as a dangerous “conspiracy theorist” for daring to suggest that Covid-19  “is a genetically manipulated supervirus created in a laboratory” with the help of the deadly HIV virus. This produces AIDS, and could theoretically be used as a bioweapon to depopulate entire countries without the need for overt military warfare.   

The much respected Australian political researcher, Peter Myers, is of the opinion that the Coronavirus event is a far bigger scandal than Watergate and the Pentagon Papers. The truth, he believes,  is being suppressed in an unprecedented way.

Myers,  in a detailed report he has circulated privately consisting of 12 impeccably sourced articles, wrote yesterday:

I reported searches I did yesterday at 25 news sites, mostly MSM, which showed active suppression of Luc  Montagnier’s statements that Covid-19 was bred in a Lab.

Being such an eminent scientist, the one who discovered the HIV virus, Montagnier’s assessment is of first-rate credibility. Yet his comments were entirely ignored by the English-language MSM; in the French-language media, he was rubbished as a “Conspiracy Theorist” and “Fake News”.

Today I repeated the searches, beginning at 7.46am AEST today, Sun April 19, 2020, specifying “past 24 hours”, and the results were the same.

Myers goes on to add that belated reporting of Montagnier’s controversial thesis is to be found in yesterday’s UK Sunday Times, with a related report in The Daily Mail. The bulk of the globalist media, however, has refused to go near the story. This includes the New York Times, the BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, and the Economist. Myers is deeply concerned at this concerted effort to suppress the work of a prestigious Nobel Prize winning scientist who may have have been the first, he thinks, to stumble on the appalling truth.

Myers writes: “This is the biggest cover-up in world history, the one that impacts all people in the world, and is destroying nearly all economies. How will the people of the world react when they discover that our ‘leaders’ and news media are complicit?”

Montagnier’s research findings carry enormous weight because of his unblemished reputation as a world-renowned scientist.  In 2008, after all, Montagnier  discovered the human immunodeficiency virus HIV as the cause of the AIDS epidemic. As a result,  he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine that year together with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen

Montagnier, in short, is no lightweight who can be dismissed contemptuously as a “conspiracy theorist”.

—   §   —

This comment comes from French reporter Francis Pouliot, working for in Singapore, not to be confused with

“Holy shit. French virologist, Nobel prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus, just went on TV to reveal there is proof that #COVID-19 was engineered and artificially laced with parts of the HIV virus (not natural) and authorities tried to keep it quiet.”

If true, that’s a sensational revelation.

“What are these Mad Scientists up to?” one is tempted to ask. “Are they trying to create Frankenstein viruses in laboratories which could then be used in biowarfare to depopulate entire populations by giving them AIDS and similar debilitating diseases?”

According to the globalists, seven billion people is far too much for the world to sustain. It leads to massive plastic pollution of the oceans and causes irreparable ecological damage. Ideally, it is argued, world population should be brought down to well under one billion. Get rid of six billion people, and just think how nice it would be to number among the lucky survivors.

Malthus would certainly have approved.

Instead of living in a poky high-rise apartment and commuting to work in a crowded train, crammed into a small space with your fellow commuters like sardines, you are now—after depopulation à la Malthus—living in an earthly paradise where you own a spacious mansion by the sea, surrounded by hundreds of acres of lush vegetables gardens and orchards. And once again you will be able to swim in a pristine clean ocean, the “wine-dark sea” of the Ancient Greeks celebrated by Homer a thousand years before Christ.

Ah, happy golden days of the New World Order!

The trouble is, you’re not going to be around to live that dream—life in Utopia when tikkun olam has been accomplished— if they’ve infected you and your family with AIDS or killed you off with compulsory vaccines.

The secret is to survive by being Bill Gates or one of the chosen elite. Not that one billion people will inherit the earth and live an idyllic life thereafter. The bulk of the population, roughly 90 per cent, will be slaves, serving the needs of a powerful oligarchy of the Chosen Ones. In order to succeed, this would have to be a strictly stratified society with its rigid caste system, in which those who serve do so willingly and those who rule do so wisely and well in the common interests of all.   

I don’t use that loaded word “chosen” to imply that this is a conspiracy for Jewish world domination. Though the idea of tikkun olam, Hebrew for “repairing of the world”, is admittedly of Jewish origin, the same idea of creating heaven on earth, or an Earthly Paradise, is a common feature of every civilisation that has ever existed. You will find it running like a golden thread through The Epic of Gilgamesh, Plato’s Republic, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Thomas More’s Utopia, and in many other works of art too numerous to name.

The idea of an Earthly Paradise, of heaven on earth, is innate in the human heart. It is an eternal archetype. And yet there has never been a Utopia in the real world.

—   §   —

Le Parisien dismisses Professor  Montagnier  as an alarmist conspiracy theorist. It notes disparagingly:

“According to this scientist, the Covid-19 disease virus is of human origin. It would have been created in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.

Based on a study published by “his” mathematician Jean-Claude Pérez, who “delved into the smallest details of the sequence” of the virus, Professor Montagnier argues that SARS-CoV-2 contains “sequences of a another virus which is HIV, the AIDS virus”.

He adds that a “group of Indian researchers tried to publish an analysis” of the same type and that it was withdrawn “under enormous pressure”.

Le Parisien scoffs at this claim. It points out that the Indian research, far from being “suppressed”, was withdrawn voluntarily by the Indian biomathematicians after it was “quickly invalidated by other work”.

Those who persist in believing falsely that coronavirus was released into the environment accidentally by careless and incompetent Chinese researchers in Wuhan, the Le Parisien report concludes, are taking these first-class Chinese scientists “for idiots and imagine  they are playing sorcerer’s apprentices in their laboratories.”

The latest news report from the London Times seeks to cast more light on this murky subject but succeeds only in adding to the general fog. In an article entitled, Curse of the ‘Bat Woman’ — what went on in Wuhan lab?, the Times states:

China’s “bat woman” was attending a conference with colleagues in Shanghai in late December when an urgent phone call came from her boss at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. People were falling sick from a mysterious new virus just a few miles from the institute. And Shi Zhengli, who had earned her nickname for her virus-hunting expeditions to bat caves, was summoned back to the central Chinese city to lead the laboratory’s investigations of samples taken from patients.

Here is a picture of Shi Zhengli , the world-famous chiropterologist (aka ‘batologist’), who has spent more time lurking around Chinese caves hunting for virus-laden bats than she’s spent on the telephone ordering Chinese takeaways:


Ms Zhengli (also spelt  Zengli) looks refreshingly normal to me — hardly my idea of a batty Mad Scientist .

Shi Zengli is an acclaimed virologist, [the London Times reports] who headed the team that traced the source of the lethal outbreak of Sars — another coronavirus — to horseshoe bats in southern China in 2002-03. She was a joint author of a research paper that warned last year that it was “highly likely” that future coronavirus outbreaks would originate from bats, and an “increased probability” that this would occur in China.

Within eight days of her return from Shanghai to Wuhan in December, her team concluded that the new disease sweeping the city was indeed almost certainly a new bat coronavirus. But Shi was surprised that the cases had emerged so far from the bats’ usual habitat in China’s subtropical south. In comments published by Scientific American magazine, she recalled a nagging fear: “Could they have come from our lab?”

Can this Chinese ‘Bat Woman’ be up to no good, creating vampire bat viruses to suck the blood from Western civilization in the interests of Chinese world domination?

The idea is so absurd you can’t make it up.

—   §   —

And yet, believe it or not, the Saturday edition of The Daily Mail crosses the line into Conspiracy Theory country by a bizarre exposé, the first of a 3-part series, with the sensational news headline: “CHINA’S DEADLY LEGACY EXPOSED.”  It proposes to discuss “How China will use [the] pandemic to help achieve its goal as No1 world superpower”. 

The article, packed with useful information and important quotes from reputable medical journals and renowned virologists, goes on to question the credentials of the innocent looking Ms Zengli  with the suggestive headline in bold font: “The rise and rise of ‘Bat Woman’.”  There is the implication here of something weird and sinister going on in the background. Do we have a female villain here, straight out of a James Bond thriller, plotting the downfall of Western civilization?

The Daily Mail would like you to think so. It announces breathlessly, as it introduces this oriental Lady Dracula to its readers:

“Now we must consider an almost unthinkable question: is the Chinese government lying about how the world’s biggest pandemic began? It’s little wonder that conspiracy theorists have come to the fore, which brings us to a leading scientist known as ‘Bat Woman’. 

Ah hah! We are now firmly ensconced in James Bond country — with a touch of Bram Stoker and Stephen King thrown in for good measure.

“Did the pandemic truly begin in that Huanan seafood market,”  the Mail asks, “rather than by accident OR EVEN DESIGN in the city’s state-run Institute of Virology as some—including Donald Trump this week—have implied….  The US President said: ‘More and more we’re hearing this story’.” (Emphasis added).

The Mail continues conspiratorially, laying it on with a trowel:

The brilliant Ms. Zengli had other research interests and was experimenting in synthetic viruses which could pass from animals to humans.

Recent research has suggested that SARS-Cov-2 (which causes Covid-19) can pass directly from bats to humans, which poses the question: has she gone too far in playing God, deliberately or otherwise?

Enter the CIA and MI6. Their intervention is a potential game changer in understanding why we are in lockdown: why so many of our grandparents’ generation is dying; why our economy is tanking.

The Mail is clearly leading the vanguard of the “China to Blame” brigade. Donald Trump is not really responsible for the same tendency o demonize China  when he speaks scathingly of “the Chinese virus”. He is simply following the party line of the anti-Chinese conspiracy theorists. All the experts are in agreement that this worldwide plague started in China. But the experts fall into two opposing schools: the moderates and the extremists.

The moderates forbear from getting angry with China and argue (a) that the virus is natural, not man-made in a lab with deliberate intent to cause harm as a bioweapon; and (b) that its escape into the world was accidental, either through the Wuhan live-food market or through an unfortunate slip-up in the Institute of Virology run by the talented Ms. Zengli.

One of these moderates is British born Professor Simon Wain-Hobson of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, who says:

“It is very possible that the Chinese haven’t told the World Health Organization (WHO) and the West everything. And yes, they don’t like the US and Trump. They want to be Number One on a small planet. But an engineered virus? There is nothing about this virus that indicates it’s out of a lab. I say that with the info available and my appreciation of virus evolution.”

British born Professor Eddie Holmes of Sydney University, another world-famous virologist, agrees with the above assessment. “I think there are a number of really clear reasons,” he says, “to believe that this is not in any way a lab construct or a lab escape.”

In other words, he lets Ms. Zengli off the hook.

The virus did not escape from her lab. It was caused by the sale of bats or other tainted meat products from the nearby wetfood market in Wuhan. Indeed, Ms. Zengli carried out exhaustive tests to see if the virus could have escaped from her Institute of Virology, because she was initially worried about this possibility, but she discovered to her relief that no such slip-up could possibly have occurred.

In short, there is no reason whatever to regard the Chinese “Bat Woman” as a reincarnation of Countess Dracula.

The Mail goes on to report that most US scientists belong to the moderate group. They back Professor Wain-Hobson and Professor Holmes to the hilt. They believe the virus is natural, not man-made in a laboratory. And they think  the virus got out into the wider world through contaminated meat products on sale in an unregulated Chinese food market. There was no intent to cause harm. No intent to use Covid-19 as a covert bioweapon against the West.

The most you can do, if you have a xenophobic axe to grind against China, is to blame the Chinese for their “disgusting dietary habits”.

If the Chinese could only get their act together and stop eating dogs and bats and other unmentionable yuckety-yucks, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place. Good argument. Better still, if you want to be on the safe side, go vegan. Force everyone to eat lettuce and cucumber sandwiches. No more problems!

—   §   —

Here are a few fascinating facts which it would be useful to know:

Covid-19 originated in horseshoe bats, but these bats are unlikely to have infected the human race for the simple reason that most human beings have never seen a horseshoe bat or had personal contact with one. These bats appear to be recluses. They hang out mostly in caves. In any case, they emerge only at night,  like vampire bats.

The way we get infected is indirectly through other animals which have come into contact with the bats.

Dog lovers will be pleased to learn that dogs, for some reason, are safe from infection from these dreadful bats. Not cats though. Domestic cats can get Covid-19 from bats. And from wildcats too. Indeed, one such victim of Covid-19 has been a tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York.

The bad news is that new research has found that coronavirus has  mutated and created a vast supply of new victims among farm animals. These can then infect humans. You can now get Covid-19 from cats, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, buffalo and pigeons. Civet cats, pangolins and racoons should also be avoided as potential sources of infection. If ever you get lost in the jungle while on holiday in Africa, don’t eat a chimpanzee whatever you do. Or you could end up with the Ebola virus, as African villagers discovered to their cost in 1996.

According to the aforementioned Professor Wain-Hobson, of the Pasteur Institute, the ability of Covid-19 to infect animals that share space with people creates a long-lasting threat to the human race. This is not fear porn. It’s a fact. According to this world-renowned virologist, the new Chinese studies “may have alarming implications.”

We began with another world-renowned expert: French Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate for Medicine in 2008.  Let us end with him to complete the circle. He belongs to the more extreme school of thought that sees Covid-19 as a man-made virus that could only have been created with evil intent as a bioweapon.

This is why the mainstream media has denounced Montagnier as an irresponsible conspiracy theorist.

His toxic suggestion that the HIV virus is involved, the virus that produces AIDS, has now—pun not intended—gone viral.

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