“I am not a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus.”

I am not a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus — known as The Way before adoption of the term ‘Christian’. Since Jesus was from the beginning, before Abraham, The Way is not Abrahamic. The teachings of Jesus stand on their own without support from other parts of the Bible.

Accepting and practicing the teachings of Jesus is the only way to salvation of the soul.

Salvation is not contained in any portions of the Bible except the Gospels. I came to this conclusion through research, common sense, and yes, an extremely brief encounter with a person I call the parking lot messenger. All of this occurred after I properly prayed for the truth 15 years ago.

Contradictions disappear when lies are put aside. One of the biggest lies of all time is the idea that the Bible is the “divine word of God.” For anyone that bothers to think, the Old Testament is blatantly false and stands in contradiction to the teachings of Jesus.

The book of Acts — Acts of the Apostles — is a return to the Old Testament and contradicts the teachings of Jesus while paving the way for Saul/Paul’s letters. I agree with the renowned historical researcher Eustace Mullins when he called Paul, “the Impostor”. Paul leads back to the Old Testament, with enough Jesus spice to make it seem credible.

The Book of Revelation is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and contradicts what Jesus said about his return. The early followers of Jesus considered Revelation to be confusing and of no consequence, as documented by one of the early Bishops of Alexandria. The “divine word of God” lie certainly worked to lead people away from the simplicity of salvation as taught by Jesus.

Christians are certainly confused by unnecessary complexity, as past and current actions clearly demonstrate.

Most people consider me to be a heretic. They could be right and I could be wrong, but I am the only one accountable for what I believe to be the simple truth.

Everyone gets to decide for themselves.

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