1. #1 by Jf on February 14, 2020 – 3:22 pm

    This isn’t science fiction, Ive witnessed AI- like behaviors and hive mind since 2011-12. Correlation between those and the time when 4g infrastructure was set up in my area. Now that 5g is coming, the hive mind AI is far worse than 8-9 yrs ago. Nobody around me, it seems, is capable of individual thoughts, notions. Whenever I tried to talk to someone about 5g, or the dangers of perscription drugs, gun confiscation, or any other conspiracy subject, that person would somehow go blank, go into a dissociative state, or change the subject. Unfortunately, these ppl are beyond salvation, only few remain who understand the truth. I believe that a “zombie apocalypse” is soon, very soon. The movie “Cell” paints a pretty accurate description of what’s to come

  2. #2 by Sheila Jones on March 16, 2020 – 6:32 pm

    I’ve had all I can take of their Bull Shit. Where’s Our Freedom of Speech. Rights to Privacy. Violated on every side every way in the books. You will not intimidate and Manipulate me any longer. I have disabled your Apps and became more Anti Social. I’ve never experienced such Rude and DRASTIC behavior on a Social Media platform in my life. I don’t need you. But you will wish you had a customer as good as me. And I do not own a Hate Group. I have a learning disability. Thanks for all fact checks and Stalking, Harrassment I’ve dealt with.

  3. #3 by edric strood on April 6, 2020 – 2:13 pm

    I want no part of this AI, Digitally connected future, and believe that each and every individual should have the choice to live life without its unfluence – so why do they speak as if IT is the only way forward, that to not be “attached” means that we become the disattached – with no space to function as part of the human race. Well, to me, They are the abominations….and if they’d’ve kept it to themselves, I really wouldn’t care.
    As is, they should Never have been allowed control or influence at any level. Stop them Now – the dangers are far too great. Its our Future, Not theirs.

  4. #4 by Nate Barry on April 7, 2020 – 1:51 pm

    The video has been removed? Is there another link to it?

  5. #5 by edric strood on April 8, 2020 – 5:14 pm

    there has to be a centre, a gathering point…where the People can put voice to their own futures, one without Digital Control of their lives, it is not unanimus, and it/they need to understand that.

    “do not go gentle into that good night”

  6. #6 by LASTREALPATRIOT on April 10, 2020 – 7:47 pm and have his videos on their sites.

  7. #7 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 4:17 pm

    Stingray. How law enforcement works with today’s technology.
    First they need to confirm the owner of the cell phone user.
    They track every text message and phone call in live time.
    So if I’m on the phone with someone, and I say I’m going to Walmart.
    A phone number will appear on my phone.
    It can appear by text or phone call.
    This phone number links a national guards phone number to mine so they can know my location.
    So I drive to Walmart and the national guard verifies it’s me using that cell phone.
    They need to verify 5 times before issuing a warrant on the individual.
    What happens next?
    If there’s a drug dealer being investigated.
    That dealer makes phone calls and delivers drugs,etc.
    When the dealer makes a call, and says I’m dropping off this much.
    After dealer drops it off, law enforcement shows up at the drop off after dealer leaves, and confronts the purchaser.
    They collect evidence, and leave purchaser alone, having them commit to silence, until enough evidence is collected for court.
    So a dealer can make 20 drop offs, while everything is recorded by phone.
    All evidence is collected.

    Now the next step is recording the dealers voice to peruse prosecution.
    They tap into your internet, that’s linked to your TV,S Bluetooth.
    That tv will connect to any wireless devices logged under reco.
    Your voice will be tracked through these devices and logged.
    At the same time law enforcement will be sitting around the corner in unmarked vehicles waiting for you to go outside your residence to confirm your identity.
    So if they have your voice documented, and your on the phone saying I’m going to cut the lawn, or had to the store, law enforcement drives by confirming it’s you.
    Law enforcement has the drugs, you on cell phone, and voice recognition verified.
    Trump gave law enforcement this military surveillance.

    People that run sex rings, irs fraud, what ever it may be.
    Our government has all conversations on cell phones, and can back track

  8. #8 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 4:35 pm

    This was created by the government

    First off. The twin towers was built with an exterior steel.
    It is impossible for when the planes hit, that they will crumble to the ground.

    There was a gold depository below one of the towers.
    You would have to confirm, but I believe only 35% of the gold was recovered after the clean up.
    Now their were tunnels under these buildings as well. None video tapped prior to the incident.

    100’s of millions of dollars were exstracted from certain companies in those towers 30 – 45 minutes right before planes crashed.
    Never recorded in media, why?

    After buildings crumbled to the ground, news reporters flocked to the seen.
    Pay attention.

    Citizens were interviewed, that were part of the close catastrophic incident.
    They sated, they heard boom, boom, boom, etc, multiple times. Like bombs were going off simultaneously.
    Now their were FBI agents flooding every square foot after buildings collapsed.
    (For a reason)
    To control the situation
    So as soon as citizens were being interviewed, and they talked about explosions being heard.
    Those FBI agents removed those citizens from the media.

    You can find this information online, but it’s becoming scarce..

    Theirs even a recording on president bush, stating he hopes the American people never find out about what our government has done.

    Now did you notice the Patriot Act was put into place over this.

    It’s a shame
    We supposedly live in a free country, but w don’t.

    All the families lost loved ones over this.

    A certain politician knew about the Arab’s entering the US to create this catastrophe.

    This was all planned.

    For this to be accomplished, you can understand how big the deep state is

  9. #9 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 4:43 pm

    My email is fake.
    So don’t email me back.
    So is my name.
    I just needed to get this, and future information into your hands.
    I’m not subscribed for privacy concerns, but I watch all your videos.
    Your a smart man!
    I’ll visit you in a year to alk

  10. #10 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 4:57 pm

    (Las Vegas shooting)
    I can’t explain too much on this.
    Maybe, I need to understand you, and your personality a little better.
    I guess time will tell.

    George soros retracted his shares in the Madely bay (las Vegas) 2 months prior from massacre.
    Witnesses that stated their was more then on shooter got killed.

    Now this is enough information to give you, to get started.

    The internet can help you complete your video

  11. #11 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 5:24 pm

    This message is to see how serious you are, to providing the correct information to the public. ( I have faith in you)
    And how much time you put in for research.

    There was a school shooting that took place that was fake.
    (To scare the public about gun control)
    During Obama administration.

    A member in the supposedly police squad, was also an actor.
    Him and his wife were against guns.
    Oprah had them on he show.

    Later reviled the same guy that was on Oprah touring the world on gun control with his so called wife,and the depressing school shooting.
    The same guy that was on tv, on all the news channels trying to convince the citizens on their fake school shooting.
    Was on scene with the police, walking around the school property.

    Hint is. He has a mole on his cheek

  12. #12 by Anonymous on May 8, 2020 – 5:50 pm

    Inealized footage was edited

    So David wheeler (sandy hook ? School shooting)

    David was seen walking the grounds at that school, as a police officer.
    The same person (wheeler) was on Oprah with his supposedly wife (actress) on gun control.

    Oprah talked about the school shooting, as the couple acted on tv with Oprah on how important it is to have gun control.

    Obama and his administration played a roll in this fake school shooting

    As you watch Oprah videos now, you will see wheelers mole was removed.

    Good luck

  13. #13 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 6:20 pm

    School shooting.
    Kid contacted by cnn.
    CNN wanted kid to read their own questions on script
    (Tucker) Fox

    Certain sin media’s control school shootings

    2nd amendment?

    Do your research

  14. #14 by Billy bathgate on May 8, 2020 – 7:03 pm

    J kushner did own 666 building in NY
    What’s interesting is that the RFID implant for humans company corporate office is located in this building

    Trump said on land, air, and sea this will be implimented.

    Some say trump made this comment to attract investors to buy out units in this building, to increase value.
    A show of power attracts business

    Kushner recently sold the building
    He over paid in 2007.

    Did you know Canada,Mexico, and US are in agreement with chip implants (why?)

    Why is wall so important?

    Do your research

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