Radio Erena: 03 December 2017

freedom united

‘ፍሪዶም ዩናይትድ’ (Freedom United) ዝተባህለ ማሕበር፣ ‘ኣብ ኤርትራ ባርነት ደው ይበል’ ኣብ ትሕቲ ዝብል ጭሮሖ ዘልዓሎ ፊርማታት ናይ ምእካብ ዘመተ፣ ኣብዚ ሒደት እዋናት ብዝሒ ዘለዎ ህዝቢ ከምዝተሳተፎ፣ ኣብ መርበብ ሓበሬትኡ ኣብ ዝዘርገሖ መግለጺ ኣነጺሩ።

ልዕሊ 60 ሽሕ ፌርማታት ከምዝኣከበ ዝገልጽ እቲ ማሕበር፣ ኣብ ኤርትራ ብግዱድ ዕስክርና ዝካየድ ዕደና ደው ክሳብ ዝብል ጻዕርታቱ ክቕጽል ምዃኑ’ዩ ዝገልጽ።

ኣብቲ ናይ ዕደና ስራሕ ተዋፊሮም ብዝነበሩ ኣባላት ሃገራዊ ኣገልግሎት ክሲ ተመስሪቱሉ ዘሎ ነቭሰን፣ እቲ ጉዳይ ኣብ ኤርትራ ክረአ ንዘቕረቦ ጠለብ ቤት ፍርዲ ብሪቲሽ ኮሎምቢያ ድሕሪ ምንጻጉ፣ ኣቓልቦ ሓያሎ ወነንቲ ብርኪ’ቲ ትካል ስሒቡ’ዩ።

Help stop profits from slavery in Eritrea

ኣብ ባርነታዊ ስራሕ ወርቅን ንስሙ ኣገልግሎት ሃገርን ተዋፊሮም ዝሳቐዩ ዘለው መንእሰያት ኤርትራ።

Call on Nevsun’s biggest shareholders to withdraw their investment, and support the fight to end profiting from slavery in Eritrea.

Solomon, 29: alleges that he was subjected to months of being followed and intimidated by government agents at the mines after a series of minor workplace disputes with his superiors and other workers. Solomon says he was abducted at gunpoint from Bisha mine, thrown into solitary confinement, tortured with electric shocks and beatings, and accused of being a spy.

Kidane, 37: After his father died and he was refused permission to attend a religious memorial ceremony, Kidane left the mine without permission and went into hiding for four months. He was punished with two months’ imprisonment. On another occasion, when he failed to recognize a government figure at the checkpoint, he was imprisoned for two months in solitary confinement.

Aman, 32: said he was conscripted by the army when he was 20 and assigned to work at Segen, an Eritrean government construction firm. He claimed he was sent to Bisha mine, hundreds of kilometers from his family, in 2009. “Life was very harsh,” he said. “There were sandstorms 24 hours [a day], the temperature was 38C [100F] or 40C. We never had full stomachs. My work was constant.”

*all accounts as reported by The Guardian

These are just a snippet of the stories that are being told by Eritreans working at the Bisha mine*, majority-owned by Nevsun Resources Ltd – a Canadian Mining company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Nevsun operates the Bisha mine and subcontracts work there to a state-run company Segen Construction Company – known to make extensive use of conscript labor from the national service program.

Nevsun chose to set up mining operations near Asmara, Eritrea in 2008 in order to mine copper, zinc and gold – despite the widespread concern of human rights abuses perpetrated by the government against its own people. In fact, just recently a UN commission found that the government is guilty of committing “systematic, widespread, and gross human rights violations.”1 Nevsun is one of the only international businesses operating in Eritrea, paying the government billions of dollars.2

እዚ ብፍሪደም ዩናይትድ ዝካየድ ዘሎ ዘመተ፣ ብፍላይ ነቶም ገዚፍ መጠን ዘለዎ ገንዘብ ኣብ ዕደና ነቭሰን ኣዋፊሮም ዘለዉ ትካላት፣ ንኩነታት ዕደና ኣብ ኤርትራን መስርሓቱን ዘብርህ ደብዳበታት ብምልኣኽ፣ ከምኡ’ውን ኣብ ትሕቲ ነቭሰን ናይ ሰርሑ ኣባላት ሃገራዊ ኣገልግሎት ንተመኩሮታቶም ዝገልጽ ሓጸርቲ መግለጺታት ብምሃብ፣ እቶም ኣውፈርቲ፣ ኤርትራውያን ኣባላት ሃገራዊ ኣገልግሎት ብመልክዕ ባርነት ንኽሰርሑ የተባብዑ ምህላዎም ብምግላጽ’ዩ ዋኒኖም ክስሕቡ ዝሓትት ዘሎ።

ሰራሕተኛታት  “ምቑጻር ሓላፍነት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ’ዩ” ብምባል ካናዳዊ ትካል ዕደና ነቭሰን ተሓታቲ ከምዘይኮነ ብተደጋጋሚ ዝገልጽ’ኳ እንተኾነ፣ እዚ ተጀሚሩ ዘሎ መስርሕ ፍርዲ ኣብ ዝዛዘመሉ፣ እቶም ብግዱድ ዕስክርና ኣብ ትሕቲ’ቲ ትካል ሰሪሕና ዝብሉ ካሕሳ ክወሃቦም ከምዝኽእል’ዩ ዝግለጽ።

ምንጪ ሓበሬታ